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Check the mandrill. I had the same problem. I adjusted and futzed and cussed and swore and threw tools but I always got a stripe from that blade. I gave up and bought a new Husky. As I was cleaning up the old mower for sale I noticed that one of the mounts was broken. It was when I was using the pressure washer that I could see the break that just hand cleaning wouldn't show. Before that it was covered with grass and crud. When not running everything lined up perfectly but when mowing it would crank out of position. Remember the blades are like propellers that create thrust needed to move the air to suck up the grass and to throw it out the side or into the grass catcher. That thrust can be significant. Over the years I had it on new property I must have hit a ton of things. I had a spare mandrill and replaced it and it cut fine again. The machine was beat up but still ran fine.
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