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I picked up another Craftsman off the curb. Similar to the one I already had. Both were the dark green color. The one I just picked up has some parts missing off the top of the motor. Both are Tecumseh. One 6.5 HP the other 6.6HP.. Just after a quick look there is ALOT of difference in motors. The 6.5 is the style Tecumseh that has been around for a while.
The 6.6 is different. Carb is on the opposite side of the muffler. The muffler is larger. The top sheet metal also has a bottom to it, to direct air to the cylinder. The cylinder head has taller fins than others.
Here are the numbers.
6.5HP 143-986500 VTP 195U1G1SA displacement 195 DOM 8126 0
6.6HP 143-986700 STP207U1G1RA displacement 207 DOM 8126 K
What would be the Date Of Manufacturing 8 year (2008) 126 day) ?
Might this be the last effort Tecumseh had to make a better motor. For sure better cooling. The carb on the oppsite side of the muffler. The muffler is large, like a Briggs Quantom. Throttle control on the side by the carb. I guess I need to look at the carb and see how it connects to the motor.
It is just different. Makes me scratch my head and think WHY.. :dunno:
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