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Craftsman 24hp transaxle

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New to the site but I have enjoyed reading the posts.

I have a Craftsman hydro with a hyro gear 314-0150. I bought the tractor used and just got thru putting new rings due to excessive oil burn. That was an interesting journey in itself but the oil burn seems to be down to a minimum now and compression is great.

I noticed the transaxle seemed to slip quite a bit, especially after warming up. In reading several different forums that this issue could be related to worn out oil in the transaxle. So this weekend I sucked all of oil I could out of the top fill hole ( could not find a drain) and ended up getting about 12 oz out. I refilled with mobile 1 10w30 to the top and decided to try purging the transaxle on the ground. Initially the torque response was ok but after warming up the slipping seemed to be worse.

I've now decided to purge the system properly per the hydro gear manual. Question I have is does the fill plug need to be off for the purge to properly evacuate all the air in the system? I would have thought the vent tube would have take care of that. I haven't re checked the level after the "ground purge" so it may just be low. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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I am afraid that I cannot help you, but I would expect someone that can will be along soon. Glad you jumped in and joined us.
There Should be a Female Pipe Plug in the Top Side of the Hydro for Adding Fluids. This Hydro Uses 20W50 Engine Oil. 78.8oz Maximum. The fact that you used 10 weight is probably why it is slipping. The thicker fluid should help. Let us know how it goes.
I'm no expert on craftsman but I had a case tractor with the Hydrive system and woild slip if the oil level was too low. Hope this helps.
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