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Clutch Issue

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I have a 99' exmark that I believe is experiencing cluch issues. The problem is when I go to flip the switch to engage the deck, it takes about 10 seconds before the blades reach full rpms. Also, if I mulch up leaves or heavy grass the blades really reduce rpms and I have to wait until it powers up again to begin cutting. I was wondering if this is common sign of a clutch that is spent or are they other things to try first? Any suggestions? Thanks, Eric
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If it is actually the clutch that is slipping you might be able to adjust the air gap on the clutch to get some more life out of it. But if it has been slipping for awhile your best bet may still be to just replace it.

How Do I Adjust PTO Clutch on an Exmark Mower? |

Before doing that though I would take a good look at your belts for cracks or glazing. If the belt looks OK make sure it is tight. I'm not sure how your mower is setup whether it uses a spring for belt back tension or has a mechanical adjustment. Might be the clutch is holding fine just the belts slipping.
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