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Did anyone else get a settlement? I got 2 checks and extended warrenty.
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There was a class action suit against Toro for misrepresentation of the hp of their engine. Am I the only one who received a settlement?
Here is a link to a site about this lawsuit for those who are not up-to-date on this case:

Lawnmower Class Action Lawsuit: False Advertising re Horsepower | NowPublic News Coverage

The lawsuit is not filed against Toro only, but against Sears and all the brands that come under them as I understand from the link above.
The actual lawsuit was against the engine manufactures and not the companies that built the equipment for misrepresenting the engine Horsepower.

If you notice now that all of the companies say that the engine HP is one thing and then it also states the HP is "FOR COMPARISON PURPOSES ONLY" and that your actual horsepower will be lower depending whether you are at sea level or at Eisenhower Pass in Colorado.
Looking further in the link, the deadline for filing a claim was August, 2010.
In another post, I said that I'm having problems with the personal pace. Called my local toro dealer and told him about my extended warrenty. He doesn't think the warrenty will cover the personal pace problem. It's just an engine warranty. Any thoughts?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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