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This was a quick, easy solution to a problem. I wanted a stand or table that I could set an engine on to work on, rebuild or whatever. Instead of setting up blocks of wood or welding together a really cool stand, I had an old Black and Decker Workmate folding table that was like a large vise.

I cut a scrap of plywood and put it in the center of the "vise table" and torqued it down.

I then took a 1 1/2 inch hole saw, used precise measurements (Eyeballed It) found the center.

Then I drilled it.

The hole was drilled.

A quick clean up.

Table ready for years of service!

No obstructions underneath.

This worked out better than I thought it would. I was able to turn the engine in any direction. The height of the table was just right for standing or sitting on a chair. The best part is when I'm done, I can fold the table up and slide it out of the way.

You could do this to any wooden work bench as well but you'll have to make a plug or cover for the hole unless you don't mind having a few screws fall through from time to time.

SAFETY NOTICE: Please remember to wear the appropriate safety gear while using power tools to include hearing and eye protection.
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