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Some folks may be aware of the fact that you can change the tires on the HR214/HR215 series of mowers when the rubber part wears out.

But not many know that with a little modification of the tires for the HR214/215, you can use the same tires on the HRR/HRS/HRT series of mowers. Frankly, the rubber on those mowers isn't as robust as the HR214/215, and often winds up looking like this...

With a little effort, they can look like this instead, and last much longer...

I'd heard of this being done, and tried it, but wasn't successful on my first try. Somebody with experience making the modification showed me how to make it work, and so here's what you do...

First you obviously have to get the old rubber off of the wheel. Use a utility knife and cut through the rubber and pull it off of the rim. It's very easy to do as the rubber isn't that thick.

Next, take the new tire for the HR215/215 and lubricate the inside of sidewall on the side with the two ridges. I just used some oil from the oil can.

Then using a brand new blade in your utility knife, cut around the sidewall inside the inner of the two ridges. Go slow and do it in 3 or 4 passes.

When your done with the cut, your tire will look like this and you can toss that sidewall you just cut out, or I suppose you could try to find something creative to do with it.

Now the fun part begins. Now you get to stuff the wheel into that tire. I put a liberal amount of dishwashing liquid on the wheel and the tire to help the two slip together.

Use small tire irons, screw driver, or some thing flat, and take small sections at a time and wiggle the tire onto the wheel.

On the backside of the wheel, tuck the edge of the sidewall into the outer side of the two rims.

This is so the new tire doesn't interfere with the dust cover.

When you're done, you'll have a tire wheel combination that'll last a good long time.

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