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Chain chain chain...

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Hi All
I'm new to the forum and hope I am doing this right. I have a old Murray 11/36 from the 80s, with a snowplow attached to it. My drive tires are 18-9.50-8 in size, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of an aftermarket (auto, etc) type chain that would work to attach to the tires. Don't need them much on my driveway, but the slope to the road is sometimes too much. A new pair can be had off of ebay for $48 shipped, so it might be the way to go. Would appreciate any sneaky idea's ways :). Prefer to go 2 link vs 4, as I hear they are much more comfortable to ride on.
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Welcome to the forum Mark! :)

I've been using an old (as in 40-50 years) set of car chains on mine. They were originally my dads that I later used on my cars a few times. They are worn to the point I lost the nerve to run them on the road years ago. They almost wrap around the tire twice. I use the regular catch to hold them tight and wire to hold the remaining loose end. :eek: Got to be careful with the wire though and wrap it so it does not punch into the sidewall. ;) If memory serves the last car tire I had them on was a E78-14. I don't know what the metric equivalent is to that off hand. (Maybe around 195/70-14? ) My Deere's tires are 20 X 10 - 8 Super Turf. One of these years I will get around to cutting them down to the correct length. :rolleyes:

I only use the tractor for occasional towing of a trailer of firewood. I don't plow or snow blow with it though.
the tire chains you are looking for can be found at
Here is the info:

Part No.- Description Specs Pack Size
180-124 2 Link Tire Chain
18 X 9.50 X 8 Tire Size: 18-950-8
2-link spacing for best traction
Hardened for improved wear and long lasting use in demanding situations
Easy and secure installation
Chain may have to be modified to be exact tire size
Packaged 1 pair per carton
You can purchase these through any dealer of Stens parts. I recommend Arco Lawn Equipment | Home. They will ship them directly from the distributor.

I hope that helps.

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