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CC LT 1550 starting problems

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I've own this Cub Cadet 1550 for five or six years now. Can't remember when I've just gone out jumped on and started the thing. I replace the battery each year, once maybe twice in a year. Have replaced the started cycloid once. It this by any chance a inherited problem because of a weak part in the design. I've tried to search out a grounding problem can't find it, but it has to be the problem. I'm not an electrician so the wiring harness may as well be in Greek. Anyone else go a clue as to what is the problem. I'm about to push this think off a cliff.

Bob R
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First thing I would try is putting a DC voltmeter on the battery terminals with the engine running and see if the voltage reads higher then it does without the engine running. That would tell you if it is trying to charge. I suppose it is possible that it is over charging shortening the battery life as well.

Should be roughly minimum 12V (12.6V full charge) not running and 13-15V running (full throttle) and charging.

If it seems to be charging then I would either put a DC ammeter inline with the positive wire to see if there is still current draw when the engine and switch are off. Or you could also disconnect the positive cable and measure resistance to the chassis ground with the switch off.

If you measure resistance or current draw in the off position of the switch, then you could start disconnecting plugs until the short/leakage stops to see where the problem is at.
Thank you for the clear instructions, will get the meter out:)

Bob R
CC LT 1550 Starting Problems

Battery shows a full charge, wasn't able to start it. So, it looks like a starter problem. We just (late last year) replaced the solenoid with a 64 Ford, new off the shelf. I believe we'll find out that the starter is bad also.
I look at the engine hours, this morning. There has been an actual 59.6 hours of use. I bought the mower in 2005. Not very satisfactory, hope I can get this lemon to work for one more season.

If you or anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate your input.

Bob Root
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