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Carb kit for needed for TEC 10HP

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I am new to this so I will make alot of mistakes as I am finding out.
I need to find a place to get a carb kit for the 10HP tec motor. I am rebuilding an old Sears LT10 36 and don't even know what numbers to use to start looking for parts. I am going with a custom paint job and no deck gonna use it for hauling stuff around the yard and have heard I can do some tricks to make it faster I will be looking for help with that after I get it running. I would also like to know if this a good mower for racing or pulling


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Here's another site that may help:

Tecumseh Parts

That's a good looking machine. Hope you get it up and running, with a new coat of paint for looks!

I have already painted most of the body parts, and it is looking good. I am not trying to go back to OEM style so this should be a fun project. I will be posting pic's as I go along hope ya'll don't mind. I use to work on restoring old cars but it has gotten way to costly, this is a very cheap way for me to have fun with a hobby that I like to do
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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