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This is sort of fun. Don't know for sure what it is, but it looks kind of fuzzy, so I'm going to guess it's a seal of some kind.

What's the small engine forum you're talking about? I'm having some trouble with a Kawasaki that keeps surging, maybe somebody over there would have an answer for what ails it.

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With what looks like a slight tint of green staining, it kind of reminds me of a felt dust/debris seal from behind a lawn mower blade to keep junk from destroying the seal on the bottom of the spindle. Think I had something similar on a Craftsman rider I once owned.

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Well, Everyone gave a good guess, However Comm king was the closest...Yet he was still wrong.

It is a Wool Gasket for a Lawn-Boy Air filter from a C series.

:bravo: Well done, thanks everyone for trying, I will try and do this once a week or more, providing I have the time.

And By the way, that forum is



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