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Can you help me with the model of my ride On Craftsman

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Hey Guys,

I am new to the forum so first off hello everyone, great site you have here.

Two days ago I picked up an old Craftsman Mower as a bit of a project, and of course its more of a project than I thought. The previous owner replaced the 12HP single with a 16HP Twin which means there is no longer any room for the battery, and he cut off the model and serial to make a place for a battery box.

So I am wondering if anyone out there can tell me the model and approximate year of it, or possibly have a copy of a manual, based on the picture below

Wheel Tire Vehicle Plant Car

Thanks in advance,

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Just a little more info, through the research I have done i know it is an MTD made mower as can be seen in the following google search results

Ranch King by MTD Lawn Tractor, 12 HP Briggs Motor, 38" Cut [6189](029... -®
ShopperSite - LAWN & GARDEN
Barrett Small Engine Blog: MTD Mastercraft Tractor

Also it started life pretty well identical to the Ranch King in the first link.

And I wanted to note that I do know the person I got the tractor from and know that although the serial is now missing I know for sure he bought it and its not stolen or anything weird.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Tread

Hey All, Here is where the tractor sits now, I have narrowed it down to a mid 90's MTD but I still cannot find the manual for it, I am hoping someone out there can help me get a digital copy.
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