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can someone identify my old tractor

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I have an old tractor. I acquired it about 10 years ago, use to drive it everyday for a year or two, the tractor sat in a shed/garage for 8 years, today i threw some gas in it and cleaned the carb and boom started right up( proves they dont make em like they use to). It is pulley driven to a chain gear to another chain gear, use to have a cutting deck but was removed. From researching the engine, a briggs and stratton model 100202 (4hp?) with a suction carb, the sticker is a pre-1963 sticker design. so im guessing the tractor is pre-63? I have not been able to find any model/and or serial numbers anywhere on the tractor, i've checked everywhere on the body/frame/hood and cant find any numbers. I cant even find a model from any brand on the internet that look like it, there are several wheelhorses that look similar but not it. if anyone can help me identify it, that would be much appreciated.:)


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Welcome no.9avenger! :)

The sheet metal is kind of reminiscent of the old Bush Hog tractors.

Somehow there should be a way to place the exact year on the engine by the numbers stamped into the shroud.

Here's a couple websites that might help with that:

A.S.E.C.C.`s Briggs & Stratton Technical Data$tbKeyword=date
Welcome to the site!

Indeed, it definitely does resemble a Bush Hog, although I've not seen one of this size before. I also definitely agree with you how it somewhat resembles a WH, however I don't believe that it is. If there are no part numbers anywhere to be found, there is always that possibility that it could be homemade, or at least the body portion of it is. And, if it is, it was well built from viewing the photos.

Our sister site, MTF, would also be another place to post your photos to get more responses. Here is the link to the "Other Garden Tractors" section you might like to try as well: Other Brands of GT's - - The Friendliest Tractor Forum and Best Place for Tractor Information
I also posted this on "mytractorforum"(sister site i guess) and someone came up with an old buckeye that looks identical to this so im guessing thats what it is...haha, i called briggs and stratton and the motor was produced on feb 8 1962 so im guessing thats around the age. I have not found anything on buckeye tractors except for replacement seats so if it is a buckeye im guessing they didnt last very long ( dont no why mine still runs like a champ!). Thanks for all the help guys.
Glad you were able to dig up some more info on it! I figured somebody over there might be able to identify it. :cool:

That is interesting, I have never heard of a Buckeye either. I did a brief Google search, but the only thing I came up with was your thread over on MTF!

Well, it sounds like you have a bit a rare machine then. Pretty cool! :cool:
I found on Wikipedia on there former manufactures of tractors page there was a company named buckeye( doesn't give dates ). Hopefully someone will come up with some more info for me. In the meantime I plan on completely repainting it to bring back the shine. Will post pictures once done , thanks for all the help :)

Yeah, definitely keep us in the loop! :)
Someone on mytractor forum actually found out it is a farmette by Tom Moore tractor co. Found several models almost 100% similar ( minus engine and gear selector, they are different), can't wait to restore it :) will show progress as it goes :)
Good to hear you found out what it is! By all means keep us posted here on the restoration. :cool:
Cool!! Looks great! :cool:
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