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Cadet Yard Bug

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Well I picked up a couple yard bugs a short while ago for $50 for the pair. My wife actually found them for me!. Imagine that!
One was in fair condition needing control cables and misc other parts. The other was a donor with lots of good parts to include spare engine and tranny.

Tire Wheel Plant Vehicle registration plate Vehicle
Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Vehicle Automotive tire
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

This is how I received them. The previous owner had the sense to keep the engines covered.

Automotive tire Hood Tire Automotive lighting Automotive design
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Yellow Wheel Tire
Audio equipment Electronic instrument Bumper Musical instrument accessory Gas

I partially disassembled everything to clean in all the nooks and crannys
Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Riding mower
Motor vehicle Electrical wiring Hood Gas Auto part

Here she is all cleaned up and running like a champ!

I plan on blasting and repainting the deck. I do have the clippings basket that goes under the seat (Not Pictured). I would like to find a set of original decals for the sides but all I can find are the "Yard Man" Yard Bug by MTD right now. I would also like to find a new cover for the seat and the optional side discharge chute for the deck as well.

The tires on the front were new and I rebuilt the front end with new parts. I have an extra set of rims for the front that I will blast and repaint.

The spare engine turns freely, unknown if it will run for now and the spare tranny works but has a lot of play on the axles. I suspect bearings if this model has them and its not just part of the case. Thats it for now!
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Nice work!! Wow, it looks nearly brand new. That's great that you're fixing it all up. It's always a helpful thing when you have a second one for parts.

Are your plans to keep it once you've finished fixing it up?

Thanks for sharing the project with us! :)
I'll probably hang on to it. My wife thinks its cute. I've got an idea for the spare frame but I won't commit to anything yet :) There not worth a fortune but if the right offer came along I'd consider it and let it help fund some other projects.....With my wifes permission of coarse ;)
;) I thought for a minute there you were going to tell us how the bug you buried in the yard yesterday had sprouted two new ones today. :D
Ha! Nope, that one had a donor decal on its ser# plate :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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