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Buying a mower

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hello I am getting ready to purchase a riding lawn mower and I was looking for some advice on the best bang for my buck. Here is my situation I have a mow about 1 acre of land not to many trees except right around my house but not to many. I have two push mowers right now but it is still to much to mow just with those takes me like 6 hours to mow it right now. My budget is in the $1000 range I don't want to go to much more than that so I was looking for advice on the most options the largest engine and the biggest cutting deck for the money. What brands do you all like and the best place to start looking and searching for my new mower. thank you for your posts
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It's tough deciding on which machine to buy, but it sounds like you made yourself a good decision based on your situation. Keep us posted on how your Craftsman continues to work for you.
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