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Buying a mower

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hello I am getting ready to purchase a riding lawn mower and I was looking for some advice on the best bang for my buck. Here is my situation I have a mow about 1 acre of land not to many trees except right around my house but not to many. I have two push mowers right now but it is still to much to mow just with those takes me like 6 hours to mow it right now. My budget is in the $1000 range I don't want to go to much more than that so I was looking for advice on the most options the largest engine and the biggest cutting deck for the money. What brands do you all like and the best place to start looking and searching for my new mower. thank you for your posts
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I'd agree that $1000 isn't realistic for something new. Anything that cheap at the box stores really isn't worth buying, especially for an acre of property.

However, there are a lot of used riding mowers and even some garden tractors in the used market for that price. I'd suggest stopping by an equipment dealer (like a John Deere, Simplicity, etc.) and checking out what they have on the lot. You can discuss your needs and your budget with them, and they'll be able to show you some options.

ZTR is cool, but it's clearly not in the OP's budget. Any sort of riding mower would definitely be an improvement over push mowing for 6 hours.

When shopping, don't get obsessed with horsepower. That's not a good measure of the unit's capabilities. On units with a hydrostatic transmission instead of a gear drive, the hydro transmission is the weak link and determines the capabilities of the unit. For example, the little hydro transmissions you'll find in box-store level riding mowers are only really good for mowing flat areas. They're not good at steep hills or large amounts of work like towing a cart or snow removal. So when you're shopping for used, don't shop for a bargain on a low-end model, but instead look for the most tractor you can get and still stay within your budget.
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