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This home made metal cart was given to me Dec. 23, 2012
A friend (Wil) gave it to me, his father built the cart many years ago to wheel his trash cans from there home to the curb.
My primary plan is to add more steel to the cart and convert it to a welding table. I will also add another steel wheel on one end and a trailer jack on the other end to stabilize the table where ever it is used.

This table can also be used for plant potting, tree planting, over hauling tractor parts (engines) basically, no end to the uses for a flat steel table.

I have been adding a little metal to the table at a time. I am trying to build this with the metal that I have laying around. I started out with no money invested, I bet it wont end up that way!

Three pieces of square tubing is added to the top of the frame to support a plate steel for the working surface. The table top will be the biggest expense I'm afraid. I need a piece 60 1/2 X 17 X 1/4 inch, and two pieces 60 1/2 X 3 for the front of the shelves.

I decided to do a small tool station on one end of the table and a small wheel rim to hang the welder extension cable.

The iron wheels might be something out of the roaring 20's but they are the reason I liked the cart, also they wont burn from weld splatter.

To stabilize the table I have decided to try scissor jacks from the trunks of old cars. One on each end, raise them and move the table, then run them back down and level the table.

I intend to use expanded metal for shelves. "They're self cleaning!" I welded lite gage metal on the back side and the ends, that's to keep scraps of metal that I hoard for future use from falling off onto the floor. The front side of the shelves will have fence metal for the same purpose.

These next two pics show where we are for now, tomorrow I will call the metal shop and order my metals cut the way I need them. Also, I will call the sand blaster guy and get an appointment with him.

BTW, my biggest reason for the sheet metal on the ends and back is to be able to store the table against a wall and not be able to see the scraps.

Next pics should have the metal and welding done and possibly painted. "All but the table top, of course"

Yesterday, my first expense on the table build was metal from the steel company, $135.00. That should be the total expense spent on the welding table.

Today I take the table to the monument store, they will do the sand blasting then I will do the final welding and repair to prep for paint.
SO, I need to correct myself, there will be more money spent for the sand blasting, probably about 60 dollars. Paint will be free.

As you can see, the scissor jacks under the table are welded to the table. The battery impact driver sitting on the table has a 3/8 drive socket on it. (3/4 inch) It runs the jacks up and down as needed.

Well, I finally got the table back from the sand blaster.
Doing a little more welding on it, I hope to get some primer on it today, maybe paint next week.

Well, its not a factory table, but I think it will be a handy tool in my shop. I enjoy tinkering with small jobs, I didn't do a fancy paint job on it, I rattle can primer and painted it today.

:sidelaugh Guy's, there's never an end to it! My little table is filling up. Its nice to get certain tools in a certain place for a certain job.

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