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Since it's getting on towards holiday season, here is a nice recipe that is sure to please those with a sweet tooth. My wife cuts this recipe in half and still ends up with about 200 pieces. We'll make these on a cold, nasty day while listening to Christmas music. Makes for a fun afternoon.


1 lb melted oleo

18 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips

3 lbs. powdered sugar

½ bar paraffin wax

2 lbs. peanut butter

Mix oleo, powdered sugar, and peanut butter and chill from 1 to 2 hours. Melt together in a double boiler the chocolate chips and wax. Shape chilled mixture into balls. Insert toothpick into balls and dip ¼ to ½ way into chocolate. Drip off excess chocolate and set on waxed paper. Keep stored in a cool place or can be frozen. Makes approximately 200 buckeyes.
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