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I've looked everywhere and can't even find a manual for this thing. (Plus, the serial number is worn off the sticker)

I have a simple broken spring on the thing, but **** me if I can figure out how to open the compartment to get to it
I've replaced the starter cord before with no issues, but this is the first time I've tried to replace a spring and there doesn't seem to be anything I can unscrew or take apart to get in at it.

Does anyone here have experience with these? Do I need some special tool I've never heard of?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The grass is almost 9 inches high!

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Welcome Arlen. :)

Can you find any numbers at all on the engine shroud?

Odds are you will probably have to replace the recoil unit. I believe I read some talk on another forum about some of the newer recoils that are not serviceable. You can find some Tecumseh engine information here:

Page 7-8 of the parts reference below have some pictures of the different recoils: (It's a 40 page .pdf file and takes some time to download.) Reference Parts.pdf

Once you come up with a part number you could probably get it through Sears to name one place.
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