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I have a YTH 150 Husqvarna riding mower, the front of my deck was not lifting up and when I looked under I noticed both axle braces broke at the right below where it bolts on. From what I see on the detailed parts diagram Jacks Small Engine Parts Help Page

they are 2 of the same. My questions are is this correct both look like part # 68 and is it a problem changing these out. When I take the bolts out is it going to drop any or should I support underneath when taking out. Also could this have damaged the axle, anything I should look for. Any other advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


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I don't have any first hand experience with the tractor but looking at the diagram your going to need to support the front end of the tractor under the frame just back from where those braces bolt on. To me it looks from the diagram the front axle pivots via a bolt supported by those braces thus they are carrying the full weight of the front end on them. Your likely going to want to take the mower deck off in order to get jack stands, blocks of wood, etc. in there to support the front end while bolting the new parts on.

Also looks like something you may want four hands involved on. One pair to hold the assembly together and another pair to put the bolts and nuts back together. ;)

Edit: Might just check the axle for any cracks as I assume it is cast iron. Having the axle out of alignment might have tweaked the steering tie rods too I suppose. But once you get it back together you can see if the steering seems normal and adjust if necessary.
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