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Briggs and stratton engine parts

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I got a 13hp i/c gold engine off of a sears lawn tractor that i am rebuilding and i need parts. A good web site preferabaly not ebay. Please excuse the spelling:D
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Take a look at Briggs & Strattons website:

Lawn Mowers Replacement Parts | Shop Briggs & Stratton

Enter the model and serial numbers on thier website and they should have most any engine parts that you may need.

Hope you're able to find the parts you need.:)
I've had good luck by just entering the brand name and part number of what I'm looking for in google. I suppose you could use other search engines as well. If you have the part number of what you're looking for, just type in something like briggs and stratton *****. Various vendors should come up, you can do some comparative shopping and choose the one you want.

Thanx alot :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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