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Briggs 5 H.P. Pulsa Jet problem

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I have an older 5 H.P. Briggs Pulsa Jet on my tiller that I just bought. No spark, so I put in new points and condensor. Then I cleaned out the carb and put in a new diaphram. It runs great until the gas level drops below the small pick up tube. That is telling me that the long pickup tube isn't working. If my memory serves me right, the screen at the base of the long tube was crushed, how that happened, I have no idea, anyway, I tried to straighten it out but apparently there must be some internal damage within the tube. Can those tubes be replaced? Any trick to replacing them?
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Pick up tube

The pick up tube is replaceable some snap in with a clip others have to be heated to be put in place and still others screw in. Be sure all passages are clear, you can use flexible wire but just compressed air is best. Some of those tubes have a check ball in them and in yours it may be stuck. Be careful and good luck!!
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