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Briggs 12.5 HP fuel leak

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Hello, I have a 12.5 HP briggs and stratton motor (Model 289707 type 0154). I have fuel dripping from right under the breather on the side of the engine... what is causing my problem? It drips pretty good and if you don't shut the fuel off (previous owner put in a valve) it keeps dripping while it sits.

Any recommendations?
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Welcome to the group 02powerstroke. Sounds like maybe the float in the carb needs some attention.
sounds good...

I am not familiar with the breather that covers the springs for the valves, but does it reject fuel if it gets back into that breather? If it doesn't, do I probably have fuel in my oil?
I should also mention that I took the float out and it seems fine.. not taking on water, no cracks etc
one more thing... I think I have fuel in my oil... ordered a carburetor rebuild kit... I am hoping this will solve my oil/gas seeping...
Keep us posted on how things are going. Don't know if this will help, or not, but there's some really good information covering a lot of Briggs and Stratton carbs here. Maybe yours is among them.
Small Engine Equipment Troubleshooting, Repairs and Safety
Thanks for the link! I tore the carb down and the parts in it look brand new.. I believe the previous owner rebuilt it. I am going to do the same anyhow, while its apart. I think my fuel leak coming from the engine might be due to having fuel and oil in the engine. I am hoping that draining it down and rebuilding the carb will solve it. I will post results for later references
If you suspect gas has gotten into the oil, you should change the oil and make sure the oil level is correct too.
ok, so I changed the oil and rebuilt the carb... It isn't fuel that is leaking, its oil... could the previous owner have ran it for long enough with a fuel/oil mix that it ate thru the gasket to the pan? It looks like it is leaking from right below/behind the breather on the carb side
ok, so the oil level is high... I am going ot drain a bit off and see how that affects my problem.. could that be the problem? Manual said 1.5qt for my engine... must be different?
That's probably it. The manual I looked at online at Briggs and Stratton's web site give two amounts for two different engines. One was 36 oz., the other 48. That's quite a bit of difference. If it's too full, it's got to go somewhere, and out the breather is where it's going to go. Just add a little at a time and re-check the dip stick as you do until you reach the full line.
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