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Hey guys, I recently bought a late 90's MTD Yard Man "674" rider from my neighbor.
He told me that he thought the engine was blown because it seized up when he was trying to take care of his leaves last season. For $50, I figured I can't go wrong.
My question is about a replacement engine, and which ones are compatible for a direct bolt on, turn key application.
The engine that I removed is a Briggs and Stratton Vertical shaft 16 hp.

Model: 311777


Code: 971112Z0

I have found a few 16hp 16.5 hp engines. How do I know which ones are compatible with my mower? I would rather just hook up the throttle cables, fuel line, and mounting bolts and start mowing.

Any help would be much appreciated!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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