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Back in Illinois, I had a house on about 1/4 acre. 95' X 125'. Over the 20 years we lived there I had various mowers that were pretty unmemorable. For the last 3 years, I used a B&D Cordless Electric mower. I decided to try to get away from gasoline. I also bought a corded electric Mantis Tiller and an electric chainsaw. But this is about the mower. The first year, it worked out excellent. Mowed the whole yard on one charge. The second year, it mowed all but about a 1/4 of the yard. By the third year it would do about half the yard. I bought a new battery for the 4th season and then we moved to Nebraska. The cut qualtiy was acceptable as long as you didn't let it get away from you. I normally cut my grass (Tall Fescue) on the highest setting. After 4 years, the wheels are a little wobbly and I have to keep pushing the clips that hold the wheels on the shafts back on to tighten them up. I guess it's time for me to look into new clips. All in all, I've been very satisfied with the mower. I love that I can shut it off while moving across areas I don't mow and then just push the lever to turn it back on. With a gas mower, I tend to just push it running everywhere I go. The mower was $399.99 at Menards 4 years ago. I think they are cheaper now. The replacement battery was about $90.00.
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