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Best Mower Deck Cleaning Tool Ever

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On the 1st mowing at my mother-in-law's home the 1st of April or so which was heavy and slightly wet, I finished up there and was hard pressed to find a putty knife to clean out under the deck.

I looked around in the garage and came up with a worn out tuck pointing trowel.

I discovered this is the best darn tool to scrape off the grass residue from under the deck.

A good straight edge and a point on the end to get into the crevices.

Try it, you will see what I am talking about.

The first thing I did when I got home was to dig out 1 of my old tuck pointing trowels and replaced my standard putty knife which I have been using for 37 years or so with the trowel.

Just passing on a good idea.

"Ideas in motion!":cool:party
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Thanks for sharing the tip!

I guess I never had specific tool that I always used for cleaning out my mower decks; I just used any object nearby that did the job. I haven't yet cleaned my decks out this spring so I'll have find my pointed trowel and see how it works...
that is a good idea...seems i never have anything handy when it comes time to clean the deck ...i know i dont have a trowel but lowe's i'll be buying one soon
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