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Thought I would share this with you. I grew these banana trees from a 6" plant. They have been hit with a freeze every year but they come back year after year but never produce fruit. From what I understand they need to grow a couple good years before they do. Well I slipped by last year with a minor frost and finally made it and here they are!

They are suppose to be full sized, vanilla flavored bananas, not the small lady finger style........we'll see! :)
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Those look like they are going to be nice ones! :cool

I'd forgot what they look like still in the tree. Last I saw a banana tree in person was years ago up at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus. Seems like they mentioned it did not produce very often at the time there.

I've heard of them being grown up here outside but I think it would be near impossible without a large green house to get much of any production from it. I have one customer that removed an indoor swimming pool and replaced it with a tropical garden and fish pond. I think they had one but don't recall if they ever got any bananas from it.

How to Plant Banana Trees in Ohio |
I hope they make it! Nice link.

How to Plant Banana Trees in Ohio |
Those are really neat! Thanks for sharing the photos, what a fun thing to grow and watch. They kind of look like corn in a way all wrapped up.

Yeah, isn't it amazing the hardships plants like this can endure!? Sometimes in the winter I'll look at the shrubs in our yard that are totally iced over and wonder how they'll ever come back, but they always do.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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