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Bagger for S21ZPR

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Simple question that I'm hoping will net me a simple answer. I've got a '91 S21ZPR that I think I've decided to keep and put a little $$ in instead of buying new. Since my price range for new is $200, what I was finding is that the 21 year old LB I have would probably be better than anything new in that range.

My wife's been begging me for a while to get one with a bag, since I tend to track grass into the house! I came across rear bagger kits on Amazon, and I was wondering if in fact these will fit an S21ZPR: Lawn Boy 89906 Staggered Wheel Lawn Mower Bag Kit: Patio, Lawn & Garden

The other thing I'm looking at is one on ebay that's a side bag kit. Same question, am I good with this one too? Genuine Lawn-Boy # 89814 side bag kit,For all staggered wheel Lawn Boy .NEW! | eBay

I couldn't find anything definitive on either one, as I didn't want to buy something and find out later it didn't fit.

Many thanks!

Pat B.
Speedway, IN
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