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Simple question that I'm hoping will net me a simple answer. I've got a '91 S21ZPR that I think I've decided to keep and put a little $$ in instead of buying new. Since my price range for new is $200, what I was finding is that the 21 year old LB I have would probably be better than anything new in that range.

My wife's been begging me for a while to get one with a bag, since I tend to track grass into the house! I came across rear bagger kits on Amazon, and I was wondering if in fact these will fit an S21ZPR: Lawn Boy 89906 Staggered Wheel Lawn Mower Bag Kit: Patio, Lawn & Garden

The other thing I'm looking at is one on ebay that's a side bag kit. Same question, am I good with this one too? Genuine Lawn-Boy # 89814 side bag kit,For all staggered wheel Lawn Boy .NEW! | eBay

I couldn't find anything definitive on either one, as I didn't want to buy something and find out later it didn't fit.

Many thanks!

Pat B.
Speedway, IN

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Pat--I am pretty sure the second one, 89814, is the one you need. That hangs off the side of the mower, the other one goes behind the mower. Not sure it would work or not with that model. You could check for the original item number needed.
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