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Bad Fuel solinoid on riding lawnmower

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I have a Murray LT1000 riding lawnmower with 16.5hp Ohv Briggs & Stratton engine. I have a problem that just started a couple of weeks ago with the lawn mower sputtering, burping fuel out of the carborator,and then backfiring after running about 15 to 20 minutes. Then it is hard to start again and when it does it will only run in low and eventullay sputter, spit fuel, backfire,and shut off. But the next day it will start up fine and then run do the same thing again. A friend of mine told me it could be the fuel solinoid going bad under the bowel.He said it could be working fine when the engine is cold and when it gets hot the fuel solinoid starts to go bad. I have already cleaned the carborator and replaced the spark plug and that did not help. I am starting to think the fuel solinoid may be the problem does anyone have any suggestions or have ran into this problem?
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Kind of sounds to me like the float may be sticking down and allowing fuel to flow into the carb and overflow into the engine. Do you have a fuel shutoff on the machine?
Brad I'm not sure I will have to check. But I made a mistake it is a Craftsman LT1000 and the engine model is 310707 and the type is 0137-E1. Would the float get stuck after running for about 20 minutes? just asking.
After removing the float boawl, you will see the float and it pushes up a jet that allows gas to enter the carb. I won't beat the Ethanol gas issue to death, but I would start cleaning the carb and all jets first with carb. cleaner while the engine is running. You can remove the float bowl and spray what you can with the carb. cleaner and work the float and jet by hand to get it as clean as you can. Then put everything back together and see if it improves.

The solenoid is a good guess, and if it is a seperate unit, a fairly cheap fix. On my John Deere, the original solonoid was a thread in part, but now is part of the float bowl and I had to get a whole new float bowl. But that was the problem with mine and it runs great now.

Ethanol in the gas turns to glue and it murder on small engines. Rented a jet Ski the other day and the marina uses gas that does not contain ethanol for marine use only to prevent that problem with their outboard and inboard engines. I filled up my 10 gal tank to take home for personal use.

Hopt this helps. Good luck.
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