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I have a B&S Intek Twin 24 OHV
Model # 445677
Type # 0827E1
Code # 061102YC
Family # Y: 68SXS 276480

This mower came to me with a no start situation.
I checked for spark at spark plugs, and had spark. (spark will jump 1/4 inch and is blue)
I then sprayed starter fluid into intake while cranking it over and she fired up.
I checked the carb anti backfire solenoid and it was clicking so I assumed it was working.
I then removed the carb and cleaned with carb cleaner and using compressed air blew through all passages.
I then cranked it up and it seemed to run fine,
so I took it to a nearby lot and cut about 1/4 acre.
All seemed well, so I called the customer and advised it was ready.
When he got here I told him to take it to the same lot I had been to try it out.
He got there and as soon as he put the blade in motion it started to flood.
He then tells me that this had also been a problem before the no start.
He then also tell me he had messed with the governor adjustment,
but he could not remember just what he had done.
It cranks fine, idles fine, but when I push throttle all the way to fast it seems to flood,
and just sits there and chugs, and when I pull throttle back to slow speed it continues to flood, but I can use my air hose and spray air into the air horn and it will smooth out and idle as it should.
I can slowly push throttle to fast and it will rev up to maximum RPM's,
but as soon as I engage blades it goes to this flooding situation,
and I'm pretty sure it's flooding because I can see fuel in the intake horn,
and applying a small amount of choke kills the engine.

It looks to me like there's to much fuel pressure or a needle valve not stopping fuel flow at high RPM's, or under a load.

I have also adjusted all 4 valves to .005 With cold engine,
I removed plugs and raised piston to top dead center then 1/4 more turn and adjusted valves on that cylinder, then same procedure for other cylinder.

I have not put new plugs in, as they are always blacken when I remove them,
I clean them an reinstall them.

I can slowly get it up to RPM's and engage blades and it runs until the load from heavier grass calls for the governor to increase, at this time the governor pulls the throttle wide open and she flooding again.
Thanks in advance for the help

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Very descriptive info there, Floyd. Sounds to me like when you are increasing the throttle, the governor is lagging behind, not opening the carb soon enough.

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the linkage that controls the governor also controls the throttle check to see if theres a 2nd and 3rd slot for throttle that is if the governor dosent have an ajustment on the side of block if has on block move arm back 1/4 inch and ahead 1/2 inch taking it to the field to mow each time if notice an improvement move in smaller steps
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