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I have B & S Engine,
Engine Model: 446777
Engine Type: 0244
Engine Code: 040630YG
Horsepower: 26
Model Name: Extended Life Series (ELS)

This engine is a vertical shaft engine and I am thinking of tearing it down to look at piston and rings. If I can repair this engine I would like to find a tractor to put it on. It has a 1 1/4" vertical shaft, not the usual 1" shaft that I see on most lawnmowers.

Does anyone know how to find out which lawn mowers used this engine? Is it possible to contact B&S and give them the model no., etc. and they can tell me which manufacturer may have purchased this model or any manufacturer that used a similar engine with the 1 1/4" shaft?

I am mostly concerned that if I pick a used tractor, that I can use the same pulley system to run deck or drive belt if any.

Thanks, MR

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This is a good question. That is possible. You may have a better chance by going to an engine replacement warehouse than to Briggs. Possibly try Smallenginewarehouse. Maybe a phone call would get you the info desired.

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Welcome to MLMF, mroman59!

I'm not positive, but doesn't the 1 1/4" diameter crank shaft end indicate industrial or commercial use? The engine may be a keeper and worth rebuilding for sure. There are pulleys available with the proper i.d. to fit your engine too.
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