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B&S Carb won't prime but runs otherwise

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Hello Pros...I bow to your expertise.
I have a Craftsman 6 hp self propelled lawnmower with B&S engine. I have been having this problem with the carb. It just won't prime and start unless i spray fuel directly into the carb (after taking the airfilter out). I have removed the carb, thoroughly cleaned it including the brass nut at the bottom. I have also changed the gasket that sits between the prime plate (sorry, I can't think of a better name) where the prime bulb is located. I have also ensured the fuel lines are ok, the spark plug is clean, the blade is sharp etc.
But once it runs (after i spray gas directly into the carb), it runs fine until I shut it down and again back to square one, it doesn't start again.
Please guide me. Its becoming a prestige issue now ;(
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Ive came across this a few times also, first make sure the bulb doesnt have a hole and if its the one Im thinking of there is a grove on the air/primer side of the cleaner houseing , make sure air does pass out the hole when you press the bulb and make sure bowl gasket is sealed, it would be helpfull to know the model no. to better help out ED
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