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B&S 18.5hp Twin II only runs on full choke

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Hi, brand new here, I've done searches, and while there seems to be lots of great information on this site, I haven't found my specific challenge. My son and I are doing a little mower rebuild project this summer. He bought an old MTD Lawn General mower and has been working to clean it up and get it running. We've made a lot of progress and actually got it to start today. WooHoo!!! It started right up and ran at a high rpm. Adjusting the throttle didn't make a difference and as soon as you took it off full choke, it died. I only see one adjustment screw and it was about 3/4 turn out. Where do I go from here??? Thanks!
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Welcome to MLF pollecy! :)

Have your tried disassembling the carb and cleaning it out yet? That might be a good place to start as there could be one or more of jets partly plugged.

Some information on doing that here:

Overhauling the Carburetor | Frequently Asked Questions | Customer Support | Briggs & Stratton

Mixture and idle screw settings to get it to run long enough for final adjustment are typically 1 to 1 1/2 turns out from lightly seated. idle speed and mixture/
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