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Arkansas Fall leaves

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Leaves changed fast the last two day's, another week and they might reach there peek in color's.
Any Fall tree's in your neck of the wood's?


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Some great pictures. We are probably just at the peak now, tho we don't get colors like a lot of areas of the country. Things are changing slowly and we've had no rain, so they're not all gone in a couple days. That one maple(?) is just a blaze of color, isn't it? Thanks!
the color season might be over sooner then later. We have severe storm's POSSIBLE.
wind,rain and hail possible. that will clean the tree's.
I would say we are about a week past peak color now. The earlier dry and record heat spell made the season a little shorter this year. :rolleyes:
We only have two seasons here....
Yeah, Football and Hurricane!! :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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