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Ariens AMP Rider (34") Electric Battery-Riding mower Question

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Hi, I just got this and the blades engage then stop, not sure what is going on - any ideas?

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Welcome to the forum Tony! :)

I think your the first here to post having one of the new electric riders. Looks like that has two motors, one for each blade. My only thought would be to check your safety switches are all connected and working. Probably if you have one on the seat would be the first place to check. Other then that there would likely be some sort of a hold circuit on the solenoid that switches power to the blade motors. Could be a lose wire or bad solenoid there I suppose. If it is still under warranty I would not dig into it too heavy aside for checking for loose wires. Best let a dealer repair it under the warranty beyond that point.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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