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anyone use this guy to rebuild their Tuff Torq K46

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my JD155c after finally getting the engine running great finally decided not to be able to climb a 10ft small steep incline, something it did without problem in the past,

I've read a lot about these K46 loosing power so I was prepared for the worst,

The belt looked bad and one of the idler pulleys wasn't spinning easily so I decided to replace those first,

it climbs the hill now but at very slow speed on flat ground it doesn't seem as fast or peppy as before so I think I've got more work ahead of me,

I've watched a few videos of fluid changes and I think I'll attempt that next along with opening the case and changing the filter,

I found this company that says they rebuild the pumps, I figured they just smooth the mating surfaces as Taryl talked about that in one of his videos on Tuff Torqs

Just wondering if anyone has used Hydro House before and their experience,
REBUILD SERVICES : Tuff Torq Transmission Transaxle K46 / T40 / K57 / K62 / K66 | eBay
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I would pull the axle and drain the fluid. Not really a bad job. Under the cap is a magnet. Pull it and see how much metallic fuzzies are on it and make your decision on how much further you need to tear it down. I drained and changed the original fluid and went with Mobil 1 15W-50 synthetic and made a huge difference. IMO, the ebay guy seems very cheap for what you are getting as I've seen new Tufftorq branded rebuild parts kits going for much more.
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If changing the oil, use 20w-50 full syndetic oil. Make sure you bleed it afterwards.
I decided to buy a new K46 and install it, I will try to rebuild the hydro pump on my own schedule and have it ready to go,

the swap went very easy except the wheels were rusted on the axles, 2 hours with the wheel hanging off the pick up bed while swinging a sledge to knock the axle out,

mowed with it this weekend and it worked great,
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