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My 08 Troy bilt pony is stalling when I make a sharp right turn. I can't see where any wires are being pinched or anything. I have no clue why this would be happening. Does anyone have any ideas?
I would suspect the same thing as you as the 1st culprit. Sounds like a wire is grounding out or short circuiting somewhere. It may not be where the actual mechanical moving parts are, it could be that a wire is getting stretched somewhere. I've had a big Massey Ferguson stall out randomly while in motion, not necessarily when turning and it turned out to be the battery in the battery box would shift and the leads would hit the metal battery cover and create that same issue. The only other thing I could think of would be a fuel line getting pinched somewhere and restricting fuel. It's going to be one of the two. If it's not an electrical issue, it has to be a fuel issue. That's the only possible reasons. Check your spark plug wire, I bet that's your problem. That wire is getting pulled I bet and over time it has probably damaged the connections inside the wire and possibly causing it to stop delivering spark momentarily. It could possibly be pulling the plug wire connector off the end of the plug, all it would take is a microscopic disconnect and that will do it. For an engine to run it needs 3 things. Fuel, fire, and air. It's not going to be air so that leaves fuel or fire. One of the 2 is definitely giving you this headache, you just have to trace it down. Tug on all your wires while idling and see if you can trigger it. That's the best advice I know to give and I guarantee you it's one or the other, you're just going to have to trace every inch of wire and fuel line until its found and I'd do it in that order. It's more likely electrical versus fuel. Good luck, I hope you track it down. When you find out what it is, reply to this message thread and let me know what you found if you don't mind, I'm curious and would love to know what it was because that's just a weird symptom haha, not everyday a man's engine dies every time he makes a right hand turn.
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