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OK I refurbished the Rotostop on the Honda GXV160 SFL1 engine. All new springs and bushes in the clutch plate and blade holder. Replaced both top and bottom bearing. New ball plate Etc.
This got rid of the nasty bottom bearing noise. Also changed transmission oil and engine oil.

But now the bearing noise has gone 馃檪 it seems to have exposed a sort of mild transmission like noise.
The 2 speed gearbox, is silky smooth and both gears run perfectly. It also pulls well.

As I can hear this noise with the mower running with the blade stationery I can see the drive shaft turning as it should but wondered could this noise be a shot universal joint of both universal joints being shot , btw the noise is not bad, but I prefer preventive rather than failure maintenance.

So the question is now does one diagnose a faulty drive shaft universal joint(s) ?

Only way I could do it was to remove this short drive shaft with universal joints at either end and see if there is rotational play. The boots are intact each end.

Q. How do you get this off?
sure I see the cir-clips covering the roller pins. But unlike my Honda Commercial HRH 536 HX, which has a splined internal sliding shaft. The Kaaz, from the parts list looks like a solid shaft.
Is there enough play to remove the pins both ends and push one way and remove the other End and repeat?

Grateful if anyone has done one of these.
The Kaaz has one of these UJ at either end. So the collar goes over the the stubby engine shaft, and the other goes over the gearbox stub of the beveled drive shaft.
Also puzzled without the splined internal sliding shaft element the Honda has, what takes up any movement between the engine and the transmission?

As you can see below the Ho da drive shaft has similar UJ pins and circlips ... but the shaft slides within itself. The black portion is actually a splined shaft.


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I guess nobody has a Kaaz.
Stripped off the tranny cover.
Here is the shaft - it doesn鈥檛 look like there is enough room to pull the driveshaft back enough to clear the universal joint cupped ends - to free the shaft?
photo from the side

Photo from the top,

Any ideas?

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Service Department say:
Undo the gearbox stay and rotate the gearbox to facilitate removal of the drive shaft ( after removing the circlips and pins).
Note. Adjusting the rear mower height adjusters also helps provide more clearance.

Hope this is useful to others.
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