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Anyone built their own Car Rotisserie?

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Hello gents :)!

Since the sale of my shop some years back, and the decision (then) to officially retire from the trade of custom painting and restoration, all that went by the wayside when I developed my little 2 acre home site and built another small shop.

It was supposed to be for my self only...but, you know how that goes;). Staying small and self contained, I sure do like the results of supplementing my meager income with the occasional appointment work. My new shop is well geared up with large compressor(s), MIG welder, ESAB Plasma cutter, air tools, paint guns etc., but I sure miss my old car rotisserie. Without one, I've let many frame, body and sheet metal replacement jobs slip away. Normally considered big jobs, but utilizing a rotisserie makes quick, clean and professional (industry standard) repairs. Especially with popular resto-mods and early muscle cars.

My brother has been nagging me (for two years) to restore his '58, shorbed stepside Chevy. It is a mess, has need of floor replacement, fenders bottoms and cab rust through and even the inside roof has rotted away. But, it's his and paid for so....I told him I just wouldn't attempt it with out a rotisserie.

Next thing I know, little brother and I are on a trip to the local steel supply co. with side trips to round up the hydraulic rams and related hardware. Spending money like a mad man (him, not me).

I have come up with a good start, it's nearly completed and I think it's an interesting, homemade piece of mechanical hardware. But, this is primarily a lawn mower site and have certain reservations about going on with the thread ' might be uninteresting for many? Let me know what you folks think....and thanks for reading.

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Well, Mark, that's why we have the Lounge area of the forum. Where we can kick back and talk about things other than lawnmowers. You know, oil preferences, ratios, hobbies, careers, etc. I for one would be very interested in hearing of the rotisserie you are talking about. Not having any exposure to auto body work I don't even know what it might be, other than maybe a large piece of equipment used to straighten frames and the like.

I always thought I'd like to go to a body shop and watch a body man start on a wrecked auto and repair it to original. I just think it would be interesting to see that work progress. When I retire it might be an interesting job to keep me out of the pool hall or mower shop. I'd never be a mechanic, I'm certain, but I sure could empty the trash, sweep the floors, and fill coffee cups. You know, the important things....
I think building my own tools/equipment is as much fun as building the cars,trucks,bikes,tractors and mowers. Almost as much fun as cutting grass:D
Last Fall I seen that working under the car's is not as easy as it once was. Dont know what happened there!
I was pricing rotisserie's , they were a little more light weight for the car I was working on. Like you and your Brother,I went to the steel and machine shop.
I ended up with the same investment in mine as what a store bought one would have cost.
IF I decide to do another car I will make some changes in machine.
Its loaned out now, so Im getting FREE storage.


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That's right, Don!

I remember some time ago reading a post about your rotisserie build. So, you KNOW how it feels to have the need...but not have the tool :D

The price of steel, and I'm using 3/16" tube and 1/4" plate, is absolutely ridiculous these days. I'm at $748. and not quite finished. But, a decent rotisserie runs upwards of $1800-2K with the attachments (ouch!).

My build will allow me the option to convert one end to do double duty as an engine stands and engine hoist (hopefully :)).

btw, how's the sled commin?
I ended up close to one thousand in mine, I built it telescopic so I can rig up some attachments to hold small lawn and garden tractors on it for refurb's.
The sled is coming along , slow but sure, the bottom side is done, gas tank and gas lines,brake lines, shift linkage,speedo cable,e- brake set up and so on.
insulating the interior and sound deadening now, getting it ready for the interior man.
Actually , a lot done but a lot more to do. It's been interesting to say the least. Here's some pics, I will post a build thread soon.


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