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Anybody see Lincoln or Skyfall?

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I was wondering if anyone has seen or has plans to see any movies over our extended Thanksgiving weekend?

After our Thanksgiving dinner, my cousins and I went and saw a late showing of Skyfall. Without spoiling anything, the format of the plot was different than most Bond movies. Some of that worked I felt with this new one, but there were a few surprises of other things that were simply missing that didn't coincide with the traditions past. Coming from an avid Bond fan, I think these missing traditions should have been kept as they were one of those crucial aspects that made 007.

Watched Lincoln last night. I would highly recommend it. The acting done by Daniel Day Lewis was great and you really get to see who Lincoln was and all the hurtles he had to jump through to free the slaves. It was also interesting to follow the politics of both sides in it too. I would not be surprised if it was movie of the year!

Would love to hear your thoughts!
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