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Anybody else got a Wheel Horse on here?

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Hello. I am one of those red owners. Love them to death. Just wondering if anybody else on here has a wheel horse. If you do post what kind and a picture.Thanks

I have a 1988 WH 312-8.
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Well personally I know nothing about them.I do know that it is a rear engine rider. 8 hp and has a briggs engine. As far as I know, it is proabably like any other rear rider. Toro I guess would have sold it for maybe $900-$1200 new max if not cheaper would be my guess. If its in good shape, taken care of and the oil looks good then show more interest. Check the engine for stuff that not supposed to be on there. Check and make sure it pulls good and cuts good. All tires are nice and hold air and not dry rotted. if all this stuff looks good and is in pretty descent shape then I personally would offer him no more than $450. Thats me. Other people might want more but thats me. If theres a few minor problems or so then maybe $300. If it needs any major repair like new tires, or it can not turn the key at the owner house and it will not start without out knowing what wrong with it then I would give him maybe $75-$150. But start out with those and go from there. Hopefully that will get you starter. Good Luck with it and I hope you are able to get it. Thanks Dusty
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1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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