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Adding Lights

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Now that fall is here it's too dark too early to cut my grass after work. If I had brighter lights I could do it..... does anyone know if there is a direct replacement bulb for my Craftsman that I can put in and have more light? I used to plow with it and the stock lights were plenty bright when it was dark BUT I was doing it in the dark with white snow which is very reflective, grass... not so much. I'm not really interested in adding lights, just replacing the stock bulbs with something brighter. Thanks in advance.
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Well, MrBeal, my suggestion would be take a bulb out and stop by the local Autozone or similar auto parts store. Might be able to get a bulb that is a replacement but halogen or some similar higher output that will give you the brightness you desire.

If that works, add to this post so others might be able to do the same thing. Good Luck!
But to add a note of caution, more light, especially a higher wattage lamp or switching to halogen from a standard incandescent could also mean a hotter bulb. Might want to do some preliminary short term testing with the new lamps to see if the surrounding enclosure or lens appears hot enough to warp, melt, or brown from radiant heat. ;)
Excellent advice. Might be a problem there.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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