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920 z track mower john deere price?

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I am new to this forum, but I appreciate any info. I am considering buying a jd 920 zero turn mower. Has anyone purchased one of these? what can i expect to to pay. if anyone has bought one of these , are they happy with the performance
thanks for any response
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Welcome to the forum rollbar!

Are you looking to buy one new or used?? Used they are selling in the $6200-$8000 range depending on the amount of hours. New prices vary from one dealer to the next, but it will be somewhere close around $8500. I do not have firsthand experiance with this model ZTR, but from what I've read online they are very well liked.

Hope this helps!
920 jd price

thanks Wayne for the response,
I ended up buying a 920 jd zero turn for 8750.00. Dealer showed me invoice price they paid . it was $ 8575.00. they probably get a bonus for ea. unit they sell also. but I felt it was decent anyway and they gave me a good trade in for my x 360 (170 hrs.) 2700.00
thanks, this is a good forum!
Keep those spindles lubed and the anti-scalp rollers in good condition. The only thing I don't like about John Deere is the stamped decks. As any metallurgist will tell you when you drop 3 million pounds of force on a stamping die millions of tiny cracks develope at all the curves. Time and vibration will take its toll. Also keep your blades sharp and balanced.
zero turn mowers jd hp ?

I went to pick up a 920 z track jd mower today. ordered the 920 to get a 26 hp kawasaki engine for a 54" deck. went in the back to look at it before signing and the hp rating stamp on the engine was 23.5 hp. the dealer was unaware that jd had changed the 2012 ratings on the pro series downsizing the hp. he called a district manager and he said that jd had to been selling 2010, 2011, machines advertising a larger hp than they really had so they had to changed the decals. all the info I looked at all said 26 hp. he said some had even received checks back for reimbursement for the false claim. I did get him to give me another 300.00 for my trade in . beware of hp ratings, !
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