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8241ae died; advice on a replacement

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My 8241ae is on a temporary vacation and will need a rebuild this winter. In the mean time, I was wondering which mower you'd choose out of the following as a temporary/permanent replacement.


My 8241ae is only my second LB ever so I've been out of the game on the newer models.

Any advice is much appreciated.

P.S. Any one up for a winter rebuild? I'll ship it to any of the lower 54 states. :)


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Just wanted to drop a note to say welcome to the forum Gus!

One of our Lawn Boy guys should be along to answer your question before too long. :)
10247 is a Duraforce engine, while the others are the V engines. Lots of bad talk on the V engines, but for cutting the lawn it should be OK if fed a diet of quality fuel and oil.

The 8241 should do you good with a rebuild. Probably very reasonable for parts, too.
I wanted to let you know that I brought the 8241 back to life. I failed to check the spark plug because I had just changed it out a few months back and didn't think that was the culprit. Well, it was. I put in a fresh one and it fired right up. That thing just won't die. The plug did have a lot of oil on it and that may be a sign of things to come but for today it is running like a champ.

Thanks. Have a good weekend.

Good deal, Gus! A suggestion might be to use a good quality synthetic oil, such as Amsoil, etc. at a 50:1 ratio. That will help keep things clean.

Please enjoy the forum!
You certainly caught me red handed! Brad, I have used Lawn-Boy 2-cycle oil since the beginning. I never changed because I was ignorant as to other choice. I played it safe. If Amsoil is a better choice, I am certainly willing to do that if it is better. I looked and I saw several different varieties of Amsoil 2cycle oil. Could you recommend a particular one? Is this also ok on my Stihl weed eater(2cycle as well). Thanks for any help. Have a good weekend.

Gus--Not that the LB oil is bad, but it will build up carbon in the exhaust ports much more readily than synthetic will.

I would suggest the Saber Professional. But, do your reading here:

AMSOIL Synthetic Two-Cycle Oil

Make a decision that you are comfortable with. One fuel can is one of the benefits!
Thanks for the lead Brad.

I ordered a pack of the Professional. It seemed to be the best fit for all the different products they offer. Will 1.5oz per gallon do the trick? I'm looking forward to the change. Thanks for all the help.

Have a good week.

I do think that this will be fine. Read their description and I think that they advertise it as good to 100:1, but the 1.5 oz/gal is about 85:1. I get a bit nervous any thinner, but I know guys that run nothing but 100:1 in all their gear.

Let me know what you think. I am going to guess that you will notice the difference before you make a complete round in your yard. I felt like my mower had more power, ran smoother and sounded better on the first tankful.

Glad you decided on this product. I also understand that the vendor is a very stand-up guy. Good luck!
Good evening Brad,

I wanted to let you know I tried my mower with Amsoil for the first time today. I have to say I am a believer. The mower, that normally had a time in my thick yard, breezed through the full parts. No sputtering or trouble. Just smooth mowing. Thanks again for the suggestion. Another convert to Amsoil!
Fantastic testimonial, Gus! Glad that you are satisfied with the product. No better salesman than a satisfied customer. Hope some other folks here on MLMF will read your post and give it a try as well. Have you tried the product in any other Outdoor Power Equipment?
I haven't run out of gas in my trimmer/edger yet. That will be next.

Thanks again.

Have a good week.

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