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5272 Rebuild Help Needed

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Hey Guys, I'm new here and just starting on a Lawnboy rebuild. I'm a chainsaw fanatic and I've rebuilt and ported lots of saws but need some help/advice for my first mower build

I recieved this mower partly disassembled. Its a Lawnboy 5272 ser#127367. The airbox/filter assembly is totally missing, and the starter/recoil mechanism is broken. Also, there is a lot of wiggle in the shaft. I suspect I need to do the bearings and seals on it. Other than that the motor seems to be in fine shape. No scoring and lots of compression.

Is there an illustrated parts list somewhere for this model? Is there a reccomended place to buy parts? I need a little info on how this D start thing is supposed to work. The spring is broken and flopping out. I can see the starter gear start to engage but then the spring binds up. Can I get a whole new mecanism or should I just get a new spring and gear? Or is there a way to convert to a top mounted recoil starter like a chainsaw? I also want to get rid of the plastic fuel tank and shroud. I'm planning on using a steel tank from a Briggs tiller.

1) new tank; fab mounts and lines/shut off valve
2) need new primer bulb
3) need new rings
4) need air filter box assembly
5) need new starter spring and gear, or convert to top starter?
6) need bearings and seals

I'll try to get some pics. Any links to similar builds or helpful advice would be greatly apreciated.

Sorry I wrote a whole novel...

Thanks for any help and advice Guys
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Best place to get parts info and schematics on the engine would be at

Sounds like you are going to really change things around, so the only specific parts you would need are the internal engine parts. I would suggest Ebay for parts and rebuild kits, or a supplier that would have the parts. I might suggest Stens, Tulsa Engine Warehouse, Jack's are a few. Some other folks might be able to suggest some more for comparision.

I'd suggest buying a replacement starter from Ebay or watch CraigsList for a donor machine.

Stay in touch and let us know how the rebuild goes!
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