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5 spd Rear Engine Rider chain keeps popping off

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Hey all. I've got a 5spd Rear Engine Rider (I'm not certain of the year or model, any tips on how to find out?) It's got the 11hp B&S motor.

Anyway, I hit a pretty hard bump the other day and the chain popped off. It took me a minute to realize there was a problem so I didn't pop it right into neutral. My fear is that the it got caught between the drive sprocket (on the rear axle) and since it was still engaged on the transmission sprocket, I assume it got pulled out of shape a bit. It's definitely an old chain. Now I can't drive 20 feet without the chain popping off and there's a good 2-3 inches of slack.

I bought a chain tool (a hefty $30 one...) but after twisting with all my might (and bending the 1/4" thick steel handle) I could only get one of the link pins about half-way out... so I don't think I'm going to be able to replace it myself. I've exhausted my local resources and I can't find anyone to help me out...

Any suggestions? And again, I'm just assuming that the chain itself is my problem. The axle doesn't to have shifted as a result of the bump...

Thanks in advance!
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Take a close look and see if perhaps the trans or the axle either one shifted a bit. Sounds like something did give. Might have to cut the old chain off and replace it. Probably could get a new chain at a farm store.
Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on your new yard, and your new to you rider, but darn the luck anyway! Take a look along the length of that chain to see if there is a thing called a master link. The picture at the bottom is what one looks like when it's apart. If there is one, that "U" shaped clip can be pried off with a screwdriver. It sits in grooves on the two long prongs. Once it is off, you can lift the oval shaped piece with the two holes off, then slip the main piece out of the chain and the chain will come off. If there isn't a master link, then you will simply have to cut the chain off of the mower with a hack saw, or bolt cutters work real well too.

So far as the model number and such, take a look at Toro's web site. There is help in locating the model and serial number, things you'll have to have when it comes time to get parts.

Once you have your model and serial number, you can download an owner's manual from their site as well. Unless you have a Mac like me, then you can ask for one to be emailed to you by contacting their customer service.

Good luck with getting that Toro up and mowing again. Let us know how things are going for you.
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