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4518 will not turn over

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Bought this used machine last year and it ran with no problem. After sitting all winter it will not turn over. Charged the battery and cleaned all battery connections. Starts to turn over then nothing. Lights work before trying but not after. Battery still shows life with tester. Put jumpers on and the lights work then try to start and just a click or short turn then nothing. No lights or any sigh of life. I could use any idea out there. TKS Softy
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Might be one of the battery cables themselves has failed at the point they connect to the battery terminals. Was there a good bit of corrosion before you cleaned them?
The cables all look fine and there was little corrosion. The battery was in the basement all winter so it was not hooked up. took the cable off at the starter and there was no corrosion there, Might have to try another cable to jump from the bat to the start
You could also take a voltmeter and read the voltage at both ends of the wire after it loses power while keeping the negative lead of the meter on the negative battery terminal. Don't overlook also it could be a bad battery to chassis ground connection.
Check your ground wire to the frame as well. Those have been known to cause issues.
If your ground is good I would still say it is the battery.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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