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I purchased a yardman lawn mower last summer and its giving me headaches.

I had a guy come look at it and he left with my manual and hasn't returned so I have had to figure out what model I have as my sticker on the back of the seat is gone.

I called Mtd they told me that the motors numbers do not match up with my machine I think the engine is a 20 hp, Its a Briggs and Stratton twin 42e777-1280-03. I am unsure though.

The model I think I have is 13at604g755 again not 100 percent sure

Right now I am thinking I may have some coil issues as it runs then stalls and will not start again until it cools down. I figured out my belt issues but I can only cut a 1/4 of my grass before it stalls.

any help would be great help

might pictures help


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Pictures can always be helpful. Getting that manual back would help out a lot too.

Briggs numbers are usually stamped in one of a few places. Their web site shows where to look for them. Getting the Briggs site to give you the information you want is frustrating sometimes, so be patient and read all of their instructions as you proceed when looking for manuals and parts diagrams.

Here's what I got using the numbers you listed for a manual:

Here's the parts list that goes with that manual:

I put the numbers you provided into MTD's Yard-Man page and came up with this parts breakdown:

Outdoor Power Equipment Parts: Use the Part Finder Tool from MTD

This might be your owner's manual. Always good to keep a pdf copy on hand. I can't get the pdf to upload this morning, but MTD calls it form 770-1044d if you want to go to their site and download a copy for yourself.

So far as your problem, check to see that all the connections are clean and secure. Check for breaks or splits in the wires. Try a new spark plug, if you haven't already. You could try running it until it stops again and then check to see if you're getting spark at the spark plug. Be careful because everything is going to be hot from running. If no spark, you're on your way to figuring out where the problem is.
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