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Our hats are off to you, Kori!!

Kori is an exceptional participator of our forum and can be seen regularly providing input to members in need of advice.

It is always fun to see the new projects that he comes across as I know they will always include an inaction video and walk-through. He has a sharp eye in spotting machines that have potential and is a gift that will serve him well all throughout life when pursuing new projects!

1. What can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Kori, I am 16 years old and from northern Ohio USA
I found MyLawnMowerForum From MyTractorForum when I was told (By Brad I believe) Via Private message about the new forum opening up..

The rest is history

2. Can you describe your property?

I live on a large suburban lot by way of my family owning the house next to me as a Rental, On a large tree lined street in Northern Ohio.
The property is about 37.2% grass (Don't ask me why I know this) So I do spend about 2 hours each week during the summer mowing the grass..

3. Can you tell us about your fleet?

My Fleet is a mix of Ariens machines and Lawn-Boys. Although I regularly get other machines to keep for awhile and sell.. My Tractors have been good examples of that.

Due To an Unfortunate computer crash, I have no current pictures.. And as of this date, It's freezing cold and everything is locked in the shed.. So Keep a look out for pictures this spring..

However, Playlist containing a "Video Tour" Of my lawn-Boy Collection can be found HERE!

4. What do you do for a 9-5 job?

I have a Small Engine repair business and make videos (Mostly about small engines) On YouTube, My Channel can be found Here:

I am currently Homeschooled and going through basically highschool.. However I am thinking I want to study engineering when I go to College.

5. First memories of lawn mowers, or what got you started?

I have always been interested in anything mechanical.. and even more so anything with an engine.

When I was 9, I was given an old computer by my neighbor.. One of the first things I found was MyTractorForum.. I was hooked instantly..

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Congrats!!! :ThumbUp::ThumbUp::ThumbUp:

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You are well deserving of the honor!!!! Was quite interesting in learning more about a fine young man!!! :) :ThumbUp::2th::party

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:ThumbUp: :cool :bravo:

Good job!!! Glad you got it this time around!!
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